Welcome To WiFi Speakers

VEHO WiFi SpeakersWi-fi speakers have grown substantially in popularity over recent years due to their improved affordability, range of products and the convenience which they offer. These days people are increasingly using their mobile device, tablet or computer to play music which also makes wifi speaker systems a tantalizing purchase.

Using wireless technology to play audio enables speakers and playback devices to be located within different rooms. Music can be played off a cell phone that is in your pocket whilst you roam around your home. It is even possible to buy outdoor wifi speakers that will allow you to enjoy music outside without the need to trail cables everywhere.

The majority of wireless speakers tend to work using Bluetooth which has the advantage of being compatible with a large selection of smart phones including android based and the iPhone. The major limitation of using Bluetooth technology is the range which is limited to around 30 feet.

A popular alternative is the Apple AirPlay system along with other wifi network technology that should have the advantage of a wider range. Some systems make use of a Mesh Network where other wireless devices are used as a repeater in order to extend coverage.

The Apple AirPlay wifi system will stream music from a mobile device which operates Apple iOS software[ Wifi Password Hacker ] to an individual speaker. If used with a computer running iTunes Apple AirPlay will stream audio to speakers in up to 6 rooms. In order to use this system with android devices an app will need to be installed.